Established nearly 50 years ago in Toscana, Antoniolupi is an authority on everything related to wet areas like bathroom cabinets, bathtubs, shower systems and all accessories. The philosophy of the brand is to shift the bathroom concept from wet areas to regular living spaces. Conducting the flow of water for the last 50 years Antoniolupi is bringing a distinctive aspect to the bathroom design with designers like Carlo Colombo, Ricardo Fattori and Mauro Carlessi. Antoniolupi provides alternative solutions to decrease water consumption for a sustainable world together with elegant, remarkable and extraordinary design. Keeping both the current trends of organic forms and innovative designs together, Antoniolupi has entered in the wavelength of many professionals and mainly the architects with its environmentalist technologies and interesting forms in a world where the bathroom area is expanding. Embracing us with a rational minimalism, Antoniolupi is creating transparent, functional, simple touched, wide areas of action. Sem Collections offers Antoniolupi in its range who combines comfort area-beauty of loneliness-private pleasures of the consumption trends with contemporary design.





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