It’s 1972 when Lanzani Brothers, heirs of a dynasty of furniture makers and with a great artisan experience, found Elledue Arredamenti. Today, after more than 40 years, the Factory confirms its leading position in the high-quality furniture production. Its collections conquered Europe and most of the world, especially owns an established presence in the Middle-East and former Soviet Union countries. In the last years other emerging nations and Far-East markets (first of all India) knew and appreciated the Elledue’s Production. Behind the success of Elledue Arredamenti there is also the inner technical studio, able to support the most demanding customers in the choice of bespoke and customized furnishing too, but also the passion for the tradition and the care for every little details. Villas furnishings, flats, executive offices, boiseries, complete designs or single items:  every project involves the use of noble materials and the union between advanced technology and the long experience in the wooden working. The result is a classical, elegant and sophisticated furnishing. An exclusive and unique style permitted to the Factory to get the trust of important authorities and persons. A style made of uniqueness, passion, know how and customer cares. All these details make Elledue Arredamenti a factory with an international disposition.  All the collections have in common the high quality of materials and they born from the creativity of 3 designers: Walid Flehian, auctor of Saraya and Misor collections, Alex Charles (technical office Elledue Arredamenti) for the most contemporary lines and Giovanni Pagani for the classical boiseries collections. Three different collections follow the company philosophy, an unrivaled “avant-garde classics”.




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