Design is a journey. It is the most important ability, habit and a piece of us that adds value to our lives in time, enlightens our future, deepens our perspective and stays with us forever. As Sem Collections we knew when we started this journey that our brand perception will not be built on populist concepts, but timeless styles that raise the quality of life with high values. We will lay the base with brands that identifies with us and we will set the content together. The brands that are under our roof today and that will be called together with us, have that design culture and we have mutual “art of living” principals. Our priority is to make each and every place, that Sem Collections family joins in, reach above the line. We are leaving a successful year behind us with our global brand family, warm blooded team and powerful product range and preparing to start 2017 with this catalogue to step up to new life concepts, new spirits and new points of view all together.


SEM COLLECTIONS, successfully represents the world leading brands of design since the date of establishment in 1995. SEM presents collections and products of the most significant international brands of kitchen, bathroom, furniture and lighting. The brands of SEM we may name are Valcucine, Antoniolupi, Rimadesio, Lualdi, Longhi, Elle Due, Vittoria Frigerio, Alivar, Ulivi, Dornbracht, Carmenta, Bongio, IPF Flooring, Cariolato, Contardi and Talenti.


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