VALCUCINE was established in 1980 and it is a special and substantial brand that uniquely designs kitchen systems and not kitchen versions. It stands on an exclusive segment in its sector that appeals to a special group including Hollywood celebrities, world renowned architects and successful business people. It entertains the ones that becomes a maestro in the kitchen and loves to prepare, cook and serve. Valcucine does not base the design work on only the “style-technology” couple. It is a leading company on compatibility to human ergonomics and sensitivity to environmental concerns and it has built its design philosophy on “human factor and natural life convenience”. The DNA of the company consists of creativity, innovation, natural life, environmental concern and human factor. Valcucine is the first and only kitchen production company to produce for the upper segment that combines contemporary design and insight of re-cycling to assign the ingredients. In addition, Valcucine designs systems for different areas like shared spaces, dining areas, working rooms and even laundry rooms with the same inspiration and style.




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